A word about me: I am no professional. I am just getting into DSLR photography. I am foremost a gadget lover at heart, so photography started as one more gadget thing.

In 2009, for my 45th birthday, I got myself my first DSLR: a present from me to me :). I never looked back since.

I read lots of books (Michael Freeman and Joe McCally are my favourites), attended a couple of classes (Flash Photography was the most essential one) and I take A TON of pics. My favourites subjects are: birds, churches (and no, I am not so much a believer), dogs and architecture.

This blog is mostly a collection on interesting posts I found on the web with occasional editorial content as I do like to write 🙂



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  3. Arthur Small says:

    I agree with you that HD fail. That is why I have two external drives for my images. I download to one and sync to the second drive. The chance of both drives failing at the same time are for lack of a better term remote.


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  6. Tania says:

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