My Mentors

This section highlights the professional photographers whom have personally taught me a great deal about photography. I highly recommend that you check them out.

Vincent Falardeau is a personal friend of mine who got me started in phtography. He was born in Québec City and now lives in Toronto. As a photographer he always strives to capture the diversity of cultures and the breathtaking spectacles of life on this planet, in order to remind us of its beauty and frailty. Vincent’s work is aimed at preserving the world culture heritage and to promote wildlife conservation. 

Linda Rutenberg was born in Montreal. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from Concordia University. She has taught photography and worked as a freelance photographer for thirty years. These days she produces work, teaches, lectures and gives workshops all over the world.

Zanna Strong is a wild nomad. She was born in Melbourne, Australia. In her early twenties, Zanna worked as a staff photographer for a newspaper in New Guinea. She later came to live and work in the wilds of Northern BC as a camp cook and horse wrangler. Now, zanna currently lives in Montreal.


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